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Robert Abi Nader started his fashion steps in Paris; he was the first and youngest Lebanese to attend and graduate from the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.

His talents were quickly spotted by Yves Saint Laurent who immediately selected him for an internship at his fashion house. Later on, he honed his skills at other prestigious labels such as Claude Montana and Christian Dior.


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Neko Neko offers a creative, mobile and collaborative experience rooted in contemporary lifestyle. Based on co-creation, it’s a brand that involves artisans, artists, you and me through a rethought model.

« Art and culture play a vital role in creating a more equitable society »


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Lola Mayeras is a designer born and raised in the south of France. Growing up with a ceramist father evoked an interest in shape, form and color from an early age. Before starting her own design studio she worked for over 6 years as fashion designer in Paris.

Her background in ceramics and her education in fashion laid the foundation for the creative universe that she is now able to build upon. Inspired by Provençal lights, 60-70s designs, and her obsession for repurposing shape, she handcrafted her first collections in 2020 in the old atelier of her retired father.

Now, three collections later, working between her studio in Paris and her atelier in the south of France, she is broadening her horizon by venturing into the realms of lifestyle and furniture design.

Working with new materials such as fabric, she is expanding her creative universe by bringing new ideas into existence. From an optical illusion bedsheet to a sculptural side table, these newly created pieces mark the start of the next chapter in her ever-expanding aesthetic universe.


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Valentin Néraudeau, private chef, honed his talent with some of the world’s greatest chefs before becoming a reference himself.

His cuisine subtly combines flavour, balance and passion. Discover an exceptional culinary experience, where each dish is a work of art, orchestrated with precision by this exceptional chef and his team.


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Bensimon is an iconic French fashion brand, known for its casual, timeless style.

Since its creation in 1975, Bensimon has offered collections of clothing, footwear and accessories that combine comfort, simplicity and elegance. Inspired by the French art of living, the brand embodies a bohemian, authentic spirit, offering essential pieces for a modern, casual wardrobe.


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Lebo Parfums is a brand of exceptional fragrances created with passion and dedication to the art of perfumery. Each fragrance is the fruit of craftsmanship and a relentless quest for excellence, capturing the very essence of elegance and refinement.

Since its creation, Lebo Parfums has become a benchmark in the world of luxury fragrances, seducing lovers of sophisticated scents.


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MycoWorks is a biotechnology company founded by artists with the mission to create the highest quality materials using FineMycelium™.

Drawing on over three decades of pioneering research and innovation by our founding team, MycoWorks’ proprietary FineMycelium™platform has enabled a new category of premium, non-animal materials that are the next evolution in mycelium. They are using the tools of biotechnology, manufacturing excellence and creative, master craftsmanship to Grow the Future of Materials.


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Incarnem, [in carne], in the flesh, « jewels that are embodied ».

Incarnem was born of an obsession with misappropriation and transformation. Since childhood, Marine Billet has never ceased to marvel at the trivial fragments of everyday life. Now an artist jeweller, her obsessions have taken the form of metal jewellery and sculptures. At the root of all her research is the banal, which she seeks to transform and sublimate into objects that are conducive to surprise and a form of re-enchantment. Her work with imprints enables her to retain the passage of time, to freeze evanescence.

Incarnem jewellery is handmade, made-to-measure, and envelops you like a second skin.


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NISHANE is the first and only Istanbul based niche perfume brand that is celebrated globally with an exceptional point of view on artistic perfumery. This can easily be recognized by the uniqueness of the scent creations.

Inspired by the rooted traditions, modern vision and the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul that has embraced so many civilizations; NISHANE is ready to be the indicator of the value you put on yourself and your loved ones with unique and sophisticated fragrances and elegant touch of its artistic collections designed with utmost care. This is an offer of exclusivity sense deriving from a rooted culture.  


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Bois Viel conveys an art of living through a selection of vintage objects, herbariums and scented candles. The aim is to create an ecosystem in symbiosis with nature, through a precise choice of materials, colors, shapes and scents. Handmade, each candle is unique and can be reused indefinitely thanks to a wax refill system.