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Born in 2019, ASQUIN is an independant label, going back and forth between ready-to-wear and performance wear, destined to those who wish to infuse their daily lives with onirism.

Entirely crafted in our Parisian atelier, and primarily using upcycled and reused materials, our pieces are a door towards a fantasmagorical world, between mythological artefacts, relics from the golden age of Hollywood showgirls, and 70’S sci-fi.

ASQUIN develops a theatrical world, and is destined to an informed audience, hungry for underground culture and anticonformism. Almost as a millitant statement, the ASQUIN silhouette is profoundly feminist, intrepid and warrior-like : a true armour to face the oppressions of the world.

With numerous collaborations involving the worlds of music and entertainment, as well as an international clientele, ASQUIN is constantly growing, and aspires to give each customer a glimpse of their own lyrical, retro-futuristic odyssey.