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Lola Mayeras is a designer born and raised in the south of France. Growing up with a ceramist father evoked an interest in shape, form and color from an early age. Before starting her own design studio she worked for over 6 years as fashion designer in Paris.

Her background in ceramics and her education in fashion laid the foundation for the creative universe that she is now able to build upon. Inspired by Provençal lights, 60-70s designs, and her obsession for repurposing shape, she handcrafted her first collections in 2020 in the old atelier of her retired father.

Now, three collections later, working between her studio in Paris and her atelier in the south of France, she is broadening her horizon by venturing into the realms of lifestyle and furniture design.

Working with new materials such as fabric, she is expanding her creative universe by bringing new ideas into existence. From an optical illusion bedsheet to a sculptural side table, these newly created pieces mark the start of the next chapter in her ever-expanding aesthetic universe.