Seyit Ares

- Vidéo -
– Madame Skandale –

The upcoming brand Seyit Ares, which was supposed to show its spring 21 collection with a physical runway show during the Paris Fashion Week on October 2, decided to go digital this season.

Each day offers new challenges for the designer and his team and even if this season was no longer business as usual, big steps are being made. After months in quarantine Seyit Ares reflected in his newest collection “Madame Skandale” the past and current situations with a call to action to stay strong and to look forward to a better and brighter future.

As Seyit says it “The last months were really about finding ourselves, understanding us and embracing us. My desire is to put people into the spotlight and to empower them, by giving them self-confidence and to make everyone feel beautiful in their skin. “ His Muse Marys truly embodied that feeling throughout the show and represented the mysterious emancipated woman of the brand Seyit Ares. Seyit’s collection was a passionate and thoughtful celebration of vibrant colours, tailored pieces, leather and metallic fabrics, big belts which are key aspects of his designs.

The collection overall explores a notion of freedom, touching on multiple different interpretations of that concept – a freedom of Seyit Ares, a visual representation of identity, of shared embraced values, a way of thinking. It was a powerful illustration of how Seyit elevates people into a statement.