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L’Appart PR is specialized in all aspects of fashion, ready-to wear, beauty, art, design and jewelry industries communication. Our highly experienced teams deliver creative and original communication strategies in order to tease press and influence medias curiosity. Our experience in the fashion industry helps increase our clients’ awareness in the international market.


Our mission is to accomplish your ideas to create a one-of-a-kind event : fashion show, store opening, dinner, brand launching…
With 20 years of experience in events production, we are able to select, propose and work with the best suppliers, artists, freelancers to create a unique experience.
Moreover PR wise, for all your events we can offer a personalized selection of VIPs, journalists and digital talents in our immediate network.

Digital Marketing

L’Appart PR develops digital strategies that amplify brand awareness and drive business impact online.

Increasing the online impact of our clients is one of our targets. We create the most suitable environment to engage with the audience conspicuously. Web, mobile and social platforms integrated experiences are carefully planned by our digital team, with extensive knowledge of influencers, bloggers, and online editors. Our collaborating online developers are ready to turn photos, videos, and sounds into the newest way to express the clients’ peculiarities and allure.

Creative Direction

The positioning of a brand starts with its branding. Defining the right name, visual image, and symbol is a key point which can positively affect a global communication strategy on the long-term. L’Appart PR is curating all the visual aspects our clients may need : graphic design, web design, digital output or image production are all developed in-house by an experienced team, continuously looking for inputs and inspiration. Our creative direction department also aim to create one-of-a-kind communication tools with an innovative approach identifying unexpected and original concepts. Communication tools allow to give and spread a brand universe as well as showing a strong and powerful image.

VIP services

We offer VIP services to our clients, enabling their brand to be seen on the right celebrities and key industry influencers from our extensive contact list of celebrity stylists and agents both internationally. We are able to develop lasting relationships between our brands and targeted celebrities through product placements and commissions.