Mawé Attaher

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Mawé Attaher offers art objects with an ethnic print, produced in limited series. At the origin of several collections, the concept is aiming to highlight African craftsmanship with a strong identity: the meeting between an intact desert and the west: Ahmed Attaher a nomadic Touareg and Mawena Takpa a Paris based french & beninese designer.

‘He creates what she draws.’

Da Féline is a unisexTuareg-inspired jewelry collection, entirely handcrafted in Agadez, Niger.

An association of soul mates whose goal is to transmit a return to human values. Integrity, congruence, harmony and craftsmanship are the pillars of the brand.

Mawé Attaher seeks to raise awareness of the harmful impact of the presence of humans on Earth for so many years, by resorting to the use of biodegradable and sustainable materials.