Collini Milano

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The key to Collini is the concept of unminimal: Bold , fearless, unapologetic 24 hour luxury and glamour. The collini customer is a believer in the unminimal lifestyle. Confident, courageous, daring and self possessed. And above all intent on enjoyment and immersing oneself in glamour and luxury 24 hours a day.

This is the Collini point of view. Collini Milano intends to state this point of view and rebuild the heritage brand in an old fashioned way, first by opening its own flagship in milan in 2019 and working directly with customers.
Seeing reactions from the public first hand, understanding what works and what doesn’t. Producing pieces based on the desires of the shopper, like a family business of fashion makers from the past. Further monobrand boutique openings are scheduled for Tokyo, Ibiza and London.