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  • Taryn Winters - L'appart PR
  • Taryn Winters - L'appart PR

L'Appart PR

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  • lingerie


Taryn Winters illuminates femininity and grace with her unique and elegant designs. The designer defines her classical training with delicate details and attention to beauty. With various mediums and materials, she understands the importance of organic movement and its relations to exquisite lines and what it means to design for a woman.

Taryn Winters specializes in Lingerie. Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, with a concentration in Intimate Apparel, she has training in foundation garments, couture sewing and techniques that make all her designs truly one of a kind. Her background in the performing arts continues to mold how she views designing and its visual effectiveness, exposing the parallels between two art forms that both define the same thing, beauty.

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