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NOCTURNE Spring Summer 2018 Collection carries urban woman through different locations around the World. Blossoms of the spring, cool cottons and the joy of the summer are reflected on the collection with vivid stripes. A free-spirited woman walks sometimes around the exotic streets of Marrakech, sometimes in Far East, keeping her Mediterranean line.

NOCTURNE starts to its Spring Summer 2018 season journey at Marrakech and just as the city, this collection is shaped by vivid colors and bold layers. Appealing to women with a huge range of styles, NOCTURNE also carries Far East inspirations. Kintsugi, a Japanese repair art, finds itself in the new collection with precise embroideries, Japanese flowers and traditional kimonos that is the sign of comfort. They all together create a cool and romantic, brave yet plain collection.

With the green dominance, variant of floral patterns and pop out points create a feminine mood found in the stripes within the pure cotton texture. The energy of the season reflects on the collection by help of brave and rich tones along with maximalist state of fringe and floral details. Spring Summer 2018 Collection of NOCTURNE offers vanity and courage to women.

For the ones into the simplicity, earthy tones meeting with natural and minimalist patterns takes a huge part of the collection. Natural textures and modern cuts create a pause on the dynamic summer mood. On the other side, sweet Mediterranean breeze passes by the open shoulders and flying frills. Embroidered chiffons and confident dresses carry the urban breeze on you along the season journey.

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